Would you like to rewire for more joy and connection in your parenting?

Are you committed to a style of parenting that emphasises kindness, empathy, compassion, and connection, but find yourself getting snappy with your kids or flying off the handle, or sometimes just wanting to run away? And then feeling wracked with sadness and guilt because that’s not the way you want to parent?

Or maybe find yourself feeling overwhelmed, getting really distracted, numbing out, and disconnecting from your kids? Perhaps you even feel disconnected from yourself, so that that you’ve lost touch with your own feelings and needs, or don’t feel comfortable prioritising what’s important to you, and setting clear boundaries?

A lot of us find ourselves stuck in these kinds of stress responses, and just don’t know how to get ourselves unstuck. We can go for hours, or sometimes days, feeling really unsettled and agitated, or despondent and tuned out, or switching between the two. It doesn’t feel good, and it makes it really hard to genuinely meet our children’s needs.

And if as if parenting wasn’t challenging enough, with all the day to day stresses, and kids who have a talent for triggering our unresolved issues! Now we’re also in the midst of a global pandemic, which has had a huge impact on families across the world. So it’s not surprising that, despite their best efforts, parents are finding themselves stuck in survival mode.

But there is another way, and it draws on the resources that we all already have inside of us. Key to this approach is a greater understanding of our autonomic nervous system (the one that is responsible for our automatic bodily functions), and the way it responds to stress with the aim of protecting us from perceived danger.

This is exactly what Angela Hill of Kinnect and I would love to support you with in our 8-week program, “Rewire Through Regulation and Repair”. We offer a compassionate space to learn about, befriend, and work with your nervous system, and simple practices that can easily be incorporated into your busy day.

You’ll learn to purposely find your way back to the calm and connected state that your children thrive off. And, as nobody is perfect, and there will always be times that you aren’t able to find that inner calm in time, we also cover how to repair when there has been a rupture in your relationship with your child!

So if you’re dearly wanting to be more reliably gentle, available, and connected with your kids, but find that it just isn’t that easy, then this program might be for you! It can support you to move from just surviving to more often being in a state where you can experience ease, enjoyment and delight in your kids!


Registrations for the next round of “Rewire Through Regulation and Repair”, which will be happening in October-November, are NOW OPEN!

The last round was sold out (we cap the numbers to keep the group at an intimate size)! And there is also an Early Bird rate available now!

So I encourage you to check out the details sooner rather than later (at rewireforparenting.com), and act quickly if you’d like to join up!

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