Registrations now open!

The details of the next round of our 8-week online program, “Rewire Through Regulation and Repair”, have now been finalised, and we’re now accepting registrations!

It’s a supportive group program based on connection parenting, somatic integration, and polyvagal theory, that can help you transform your habitual stress responses with mind-body based and nervous system aware approaches for self-regulation, which will increase your capacity for co-regulation with your child!

As you move through the program, you will start to feel more equipped to re-regulate yourself, so that you are better placed to repair any ruptures that occur using connection and play, helping to build stronger and more enjoyable relationships with your child(ren), where you can experience more delight and pleasure.

The program will be offered via a series of weekly Zoom sessions, which will be kicking off on:

* Tuesday 6th October in the US (7pm EDT, changing to 6pm EST from 3rd November, due to the end of daylight savings), and

* Wednesday 7th October in Australia (10am AEDT) and New Zealand (midday NZDT).

You can use a timezone converter (we like to work out what day and time that will be, where ever you are in the world!

In the weekly sessions, we’ll be offering information, experiential exercises and practices, that work well either live or recorded, as well as allowing some time for live questions and sharing. While some participants have shared that they get the most out of live sessions, others have appreciated the flexibility of watching recordings.

We’ll also be offering a mid-program (Week 4) group check-in call that is intended to be experienced live. There will be 2-3 call options that week, depending on the number of participants: one will be offered at the usual call time, another in a more Euro-friendly time, and possibly a third option, so as to accommodate everyone in a smaller, more intimate, group.

The Early Bird price will be available until midnight EDT (US Eastern Daylight Time) on Sunday 27th September. So don’t wait too long to check out the details!

Angela Hill of Kinnect and I are both really passionate about this program, and we hope that you’ll join us!

You can find all the details at!

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