My name is Sam Cuming and I have a passion for parenting and supporting parents, as well as extensive formal education in psychology.

What brings you here?

Is there something that you and your child are finding challenging right now? And you are looking for some ideas that will help you to navigate the situation?

Or maybe parenting just seems so frustrating and hard for you at the moment? And you are wanting to learn ways to make it feel easier and more enjoyable?

Perhaps you even feel like you have become the parent you never wanted to be? And you would love some help to get back on track, so that your parenting aligns with your values?

Or maybe you just love learning and growing as a parent? And might even like to use parenting as a vehicle for developing greater self-awareness, acceptance and compassion?

How can I help?

I offer personal email support to parents who would like to adopt a parenting approach based on a connected and compassionate way of relating to both their children and themselves.

I can support you to help your child …

  • To fall asleep or sleep more soundly, without leaving them alone to cry
  • With tantrums and emotional outbursts
  • With aggression, such as biting, pinching and hitting
  • To overcome fears or anxieties
  • To enjoy a more harmonious relationship with siblings
  • To adjust to changes, such as the birth of a new sibling, starting school, divorce or a new partner/blended family
  • And simply to listen and cooperate more, making parenting more easeful and enjoyable!

From your child’s birth to teenagehood, from sleep to separation anxiety to sibling rivalry, I would love to walk alongside you in your parenting journey, so that you:

  • Feel heard and understood
  • Receive empathy and compassion
  • Gain fresh insights and tailored strategies
  • Develop clarity and a direction forward in your parenting

I have found this kind of support to be invaluable in my own parenting journey, and I now love offering it to other mothers.

If you would like to know more, please visit these pages to read about my approachbackground and offerings.

If you would like to connect with me, please email me at herewithyouparenting@gmail.com.

I also blog about my parenting and partnering reflections, experiences and inspirations.

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