Rewire Through Regulation and Repair

Rewire Through Regulation and Repair is a supportive online group program for parents that can help you transform your reactive responses to your children with mind-body based and nervous system aware approaches for self-regulation, which will increase your capacity for connection and co-regulation with your child.

You will feel more equipped to re-regulate yourself in the face of stress so that you can learn to repair any ruptures through connection and play, to help build stronger and more enjoyable relationships with your children, where you can experience more delight and pleasure.

If you’ve been practicing connection-based parenting, but feel that your stress, anxiety, anger, or tendency to go into overwhelm, are making it much tougher, then this may be the missing piece.

You can find all the details here:

This program is a collaboration between Sam Cuming of Here With You Parenting and Angela Hill of Kinnect.

Image courtesy of Freepik