It’s never too late!

A lot of parents go through periods where they feel like they’ve lost their way with their child. When a sense of stress, discomfort and disconnection has taken centre stage in the relationship with them.

We might have guilt or fear from something that has happened earlier in our relationship with them, or we might just have noticed that we have headed down a path that isn’t the one we want to be on with our child.

It can be so painful, and it can feel hard to come back from. We might be afraid that we can’t turn things around, that too much damage has been done, or that we’ve missed a “critical period”.

I really love this quote from Carla Naumburg, and her analogy that helps us to feel into the truth of this – that it is Never. Too. Late. It’s never too late to reignite our sense of joy and delight in relationship to our child, and to reconnect with them.

Even though we might wish things had been different in the past, the only thing we can change is the present, which then has the potential to change the future, to put us back on the path that we are wanting to be on in relationship to our child.

(The exact same thing goes in terms of our relationship to ourselves. We can learn new ways of tuning in, of offering ourselves more presence, understanding and support. It is never too late to turn our relationship with ourselves around either.)

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