Exciting news!


Angela Hill (of Kinnect) and I are currently finalising the details of the next round of our 8-week Zoom program for mums and dads, Rewire Through Regulation and Repair, to be run in October-November!

It is an attachment informed and nervous system aware program, that supports you with a body-mind approach to help transform your habitual stress responses, increasing your capacity for co-regulation with your child(ren).

So, if you’re doing your best with connection-based parenting, but still feel reactive with and/or disconnected from your child(ren) more often than you’d like, then this program might be for you!

Here’s what a couple of recent participants had to say about their experiences:

“Angela and Sam will take you through practical theories, techniques and tools to understand more deeply how your brain works, to practise ways of finding calm in chaos, to repair ruptures when you’ve been out of resources and to connect more deeply with yourself and your children. They will share their stories and the humanity of parenting, creating a space where you can be authentically you with other parents who are also trying to parent consciously. I would highly recommend this program, particularly if you are already practising respectful, peaceful or conscious parenting styles.” – KF, New Zealand

“This course called to me instantly and I was so glad to participate. Sam and Angela are so passionate about helping women realise that we can heal from our past traumas and manage our emotions to help us parent as we would truly love to. I learned that I have the ability and the tools within myself to do this and that was a huge ‘aha’ moment for me. I loved the live chats and also the FB group. Angela and Sam gave such in depth answers in the FB group and the lives. After this course I felt like a lot of doors were opening to me, doors to a new type of healing and it made me sigh a huge sigh of relief. I can rewire and repair with myself and with my children. Loved it! Thanks Angela and Sam.” – Claire, Sydney

We’d love to have you join us for this next round!

You can find more information about the program at rewireforparenting.com. And if you sign up to the interest list, we’ll email you the details about the next round as soon as they’re ready!

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