What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed by kids’ noise!

Does your child sometimes make noise that drives you crazy?

Perhaps it’s singing the same song over and over … maybe the latest ear worm (Baby Shark anyone?)

Repeating a favourite meme, or scene from a movie?

Blowing a toy trumpet, or just making random noise!

I’ve got to admit that I sometimes find these things really overwhelming from a sensory perspective, especially if my nervous system is already feeling a bit frazzled.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but one thing I’ve found that helps me to deal with this situation is to … join in!

Join in with making the noise, or singing the song, or learning the words from the clip so that we can say it together.

Soothing self (3)
Image courtesy of Freepik

I’ve actually noticed so many benefits of doing this!

Firstly, I’ve found that it can make the noise a whole lot less activating or stressful for me!

When I’m trying to get the noise to stop, and my child isn’t cooperating, it can feel infuriating and overwhelming! But if I join in the noise-making, it somehow takes the charge out of it, and can even make it fun for me too!

I suspect this is because I’m going with the flow, rather than fighting it. And being part of the noise-making makes the noise somewhat within my control!

Secondly, it also allows me to experience the sensation of making that noise, which can sometimes help me to understand the enjoyment or satisfaction that my child is getting from it.

This can give me greater empathy towards him when he’s making the noise! And this will be conveyed, even if I end up needing to set a limit on it later.

And thirdly, and if it turns out that my son was making the noise as a bid for connection, which could sometimes be the case, then he got it!

Which means that once his cup has been filled by some fun shared noise-making, he’s likely to stop making the noise and move on to something else!

Is it just me? I’d love to know if you find it helpful to join in when your kids are making a lot of noise!

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