Feeling unappreciated? How playful exaggeration can help!

Do you sometimes feel unseen and unappreciated, for all the things – big and small – that you do for your children?

Well, I think sometimes we need to give ourselves the acknowledgement and appreciation that we are wanting! We need to BE OUR OWN FAN CLUB!!

And PLAYFUL EXAGGERATION can really come in handy with that.


Let me give you an example …
This morning I gave my son something that I got for him yesterday, it was a book I knew he was really wanting. He took it from me, without a word, opened it up and started reading!

It wasn’t a big deal, I didn’t take it personally. I was happy that he was clearly happy to have received it. But I must admit that I was wanting (and perhaps, expecting) some kind of acknowledgement!

So I gave myself the appreciation I was looking for. Speaking as if I was my son, I said out loud to myself, in a silly way, with plenty of enthusiasm:

“WOW Mum! You are EPIC for getting all the books I want!!”

It was playful. It was exaggerated. It was funny (for me!). Sometimes I ham it up a bit more, but today it was short and sweet.

There was still no response from my son, he was too absorbed in his book! But I had a little laugh, helping me to release some tension around not feeling seen for all that I do!

And even though my son didn’t respond this time (sometimes he does), I feel like it might have reached him on some level. So it was also a light-hearted (non-blaming) way of letting him know that I would like some appreciation every now and then!

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