What “The Book with No Pictures” can teach you about power reversal play!

Have you heard of power reversal play? When instead of being the bigger, stronger, wiser one, as we often appear to be, we play the part of the less competent one? The bumbling fool, even?

Kids are so often the smaller and weaker ones. They are learning so much everyday, often not knowing how to do things and getting things wrong! And it’s not always easy! Power reversal play turns the tables.

Seeing us in a less powerful role can be really funny for kids! Their laughter can help them to release feelings of frustration, powerlessness and mild fear from their bodies. It can also help them to feel more connected to us and boost their sense of emotional safety.

I found it challenging to get into power reversal play when I first started. But “The Book with No Pictures” by B. J. Novak is a fantastic illustration of how it can be done in a really easy and fun way!

The book compels the reader to say lots of silly things about him or herself, and includes lots of mock shock and indignation! Take a look at the video and you’ll get the idea, and you’ll see and hear just how much the kids delight in it!


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