The flow on effects of meeting our own deeper needs

Lately, I’ve been re-reminded (again!) of how important it is to be meeting the whole spectrum of my deeper needs, and all the flow on effects it can have to my family. I have been having lots of ideas and inspiration, and expressing myself more in my business. And this has been helping me to better fulfill my needs for creativity, stimulation and fun. And even though I’ve probably been spending a bit less time connecting with my son overall, I feel such a sense of aliveness, I have been smiling more, laughing more, that I have more to give to him on an energy level when we are together.

I have been more playful, and more willing to take him to do things he wants to do, and we are having more fun doing different things! I am also feeling more willing to stop whatever I’m doing to respond to his needs in the moment, because I know my needs are being met, so there is no sense of resentment and I can be more flexible. So his needs to be seen, heard and to matter are being better met too. And I feel that engaging in things that I love and inspire me is setting a great example for him. And he seems to be responding in kind – he has become more inspired in his own projects lately and more willing to try new things – which I truly love witnessing.


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