Resourcing myself to prepare for a tricky time

I got up this morning, knowing it had the potential to be a challenging morning. I needed to change our usual routine to get a few important things done, and I was expecting some resistance from my son. So I wanted to make sure that I was in the best state I could be in, to support my son, and make these things happen.

So when I got up, I took some time to play some music on my phone with my earbuds in! I’ve been absolutely loving Pub Choir productions for a while now, and it’s one of my “go to”s. I love the songs, the arrangements, the singing. And I feel really moved witnessing the sense of community in bunches of people getting together to share their enjoyment of singing.

I played a few of my favourites, sang along (quietly, so as not to wake anyone!), and danced a little. A couple of them I found quite moving, and I had a few healing tears. These things helped to release sympathetic activation in my body, and switch on the social engagement part of my nervous system.

Afterwards, I was feeling more connected with myself, more alive, more ready to connect with others. When my boy woke up, I was ready! Everything flowed smoothly. I was able to be patient when I encountered the expected resistance. I was able to remain empathic to my son, and calm in myself, and we did what we needed to do with ease and pleasure.


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