Stress-busting ideas to curb coronavirus stress

😰 Chronic stress occurs when our body detects a threat and doesn’t return to a sense of safety.

😰 It means our “Fight or Flight” response stays switched on.

😰 This results in our body being constantly flooded with stress hormones.

😰 Over the longer term, this can suppress our immune system.

😰 Which can result in us being more susceptible to infections of all kinds.

Fortunately, there are lots of simple things we can do to reduce stress in our families, by supporting ourselves and our children to keep regulating our nervous systems.

We want to focus on increasing our own and our children’s sense of calm and safety, and releasing sympathetic activation (the “Fight or Flight” energy) from our bodies.

Some stress-busting ideas include:

😃 Having another adult (a family member, friend, listening partner) listen to our feelings with empathy, while following our impulses to cry, laugh, rage, or shake

😃 Listening to our children’s feelings in the same way, supporting them to do the same

😃 Cuddling and other loving touch

😃 Playing and laughing

😃 Singing and dancing

😃 Stroking a pet

😃 Meditating or tai chi

😃 Diaphragmatic or yogic breathing

If these things aren’t already part of your practice, check out the multitude of free tutorials on Youtube to get started.

With love,

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