The old “notes under the door” approach ;-)

My son was having some big feelings come up yesterday morning. He was really angry and was acting it out through aggression. After he’d stormed into the bedroom and slammed the door, the post-it notes from my recent video came in really handy to use for the old “notes under the door” approach. I playfully stuck the notes under, and he shoved them back again, eventually breaking into giggles. There was an extra element of humor today, because he knew these ones had been prepared for my little video. Then he asked for a pen, which I pushed under the door to him. He added some messages and drawings himself (starting with the word “evil” and a skull!), and we did a bit of playful to-ing and fro-ing. The situation ended with smiles and connection, and him opening the door! The uncomfortable feelings were still there under the surface, but the loving connection made way for them to be released through crying later in the day.

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