Here’s what some of the mothers I’ve supported have to say:

“Sam is one of those people who truly puts her whole heart into what she does. Whenever I have sought parenting support, the first thing I have gotten from Sam is empathy and compassion. Which is exactly what a mother needs, sometimes! When we have, then, explored whatever issue I have been experiencing, Sam has offered me different and innovative perspectives on my children and the needs of their little hearts as well as creative and loving strategies for dealing with things. With Sam’s guidance, I am learning to reflect inwardly, first, and examine my own emotions and reactions and am often pleased to discover the “issues” are mine and my perspectives and nothing to do with my kids.” – Stephanie, mother of 3

“I have found written correspondence with Sam an invaluable asset for my Aware Parenting journey. Sam has an incredible way of connecting with and understanding all parties involved in a situation. For example, she empathises with me and the struggle I am having with my daughter while also helping me have more understanding towards my daughter and seeing the situation from her perspective. Sam always listens and connects so deeply and thoughtfully with what I share. And then, once I feel heard and filled, she gently offers suggestions that might help in the situation I have described. I love that she always has so many creative and varying ideas that cross the whole spectrum of parenting. After an interaction with Sam I feel so settled and grounded in myself and enthusiastic and optimistic about chances to connect more with my beautiful and fun daughter.” – Anna, mother of 1

“Sam is a compassionate and generous confidant, she is an engaged listener who possesses an unwavering ability to validate the concerns of others. She is open minded and free thinking. Sam is unique in that she is powerfully empathic and articulate. She asks poignant questions, and holds space for others to make choices that are right for them. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam’s professional services to anyone seeking a broader view of their life situation.” – Maddi, mother of 2

“If you are in need of emotional support with your daily parenting struggles, inspiration or practical ideas for your parenting, then I highly recommend Sam’s sessions. Sam’s deeply empathic, gentle, caring, accepting, understanding and compassionate nature, combined with her personal experience as a mum and her extensive professional background make her the most wonderful support person. I really love and value her comprehensive relationship based approach. Sam has many beautiful gifts to offer parents, children and families. I have felt like I have needed someone like Sam walking beside me and supporting me almost every day since having my second child a year ago! I love her sessions. I have every faith that parents will find them transformative and deeply supportive.” – Emma, mother of 2

“Sam has been such a great support for me over the last 2 years. She is a fantastic listener, kind and with really grounded and practical ideas. I highly recommend her. She has supported me as I helped my son stop sucking his thumb, helped me deal with kicking and biting from my 2 year old and with numerous parenting insecurities and frustrations. If you want parenting to be easier and more fun, email her!” – Georgina, mother of 1

Dear Sam, Thank you for your great responses to some of my parenting dilemmas. I really appreciate your ability to relate to my situation, which normalises it for me and takes the edge off. I also love the variety of ideas you are able to offer to help shift situations with my little daughter. Your suggestions are always relevant and simple, which is great because they don’t feel like ‘another thing to do’. Thank you again for your warm hearted support and practical wisdom.” – Carolyn, mother of 1

“I find Sam to be a very empathic listener, always having good (and working!) suggestions on hand, always leaving me feel heard, empowered and excited about the new tools I just learned. I never have the feeling of being judged or like I am not doing a good job as a mom. I can feel she is living and breathing what she is sharing and teaching, and I am grateful for all the generous advice she’s offered. It’s great to have someone like Sam in your support team.” – Martina, mother of 1

“I have known Sam Cuming for a few years now, both in the online Aware Parenting Community, as well as in person at some local meet ups for Aware Parents and kids. I have found her to be compassionate, genuinely caring and empathic when helping other parents navigate the often difficult journey of raising children. She always comes across as having a willing ear or a shoulder to cry on, and offers open hearted, non judgemental support without pushing her opinions on anyone. I would highly recommend Sam for any parent needing some gentle guidance in how to be with their kids in a present, non-punitive way.” – Virginia, mother of 2

“You can tell through Sam’s careful, empathic and incredibly knowledgeable responses that she has a genuine interest in helping other families. I have yet to find anyone who communicates the practices of Aware Parenting (in particular) in such a passionate way, whilst also making it seem like you too can do it!” – Chantal, mother of 2

And here’s what Marion Rose has to say:

I deeply deeply deeply recommend Sam’s support. I am in many groups that she is in, and over and over again I find her written responses to be so incredibly empathic, informative, supportive, with so many helpful, do-able, and inspiring suggestions about actions to take.” – Marion Rose, Australia’s Level 2 Aware Parenting Instructor, and mother of 2