I’ve been Kon’d! ;-)


I’m probably a bit of a late comer to Marie Kondo’s work, but I just listened to the first couple of hours of the audio book of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and it makes so much sense to me. I so resonate with the idea that as long as I have a cluttered home, I will have a cluttered mind.

So I am choosing to direct my energy for the next few weeks into decided which belongings I want to keep, organising those things and discarding the rest! Even the thought of it brings me a sense of lightness and freedom!

Deep down, I’ve known for some time that the state of my home has been holding me back in other areas of my life! I’m longing to make space for more clarity, beauty, order and ease. I’m also looking forward to turning our “spare bedroom”, which is currently more like a storage shed, into a parents’ retreat! 

So I might be a bit less active on here for the next few weeks (or perhaps I won’t!), and if so I trust that I will more than make up for that in both quality and quantity in the months and years that follow my decluttering!

First stop, clothes!




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