My attempt at humour! ;-)

I’ve been telling hubby for years that I don’t need him to come up with solutions, I just want him to listen to my feelings! Today, that came back to bite me! (And, yes, my example is a bit tongue in cheek, I was really just trying to get out of washing the cups! And so was he! 😉 )


But, in all honesty, once I have got my feelings off my chest and feel heard, I am much more open to hearing his opinions and ideas. The more he has been able to listen to me, the more I have been able to hear and take on board his suggestions. And lately I am so enjoying his contributions and have been welcoming his insights and wisdom!

It’s the same with kids. Usually they need us to connect with them and hear them out, before they can hear us. Once they feel heard and have released any painful feelings, they’re much more likely to be able to take on board the perspectives we would like to offer them.


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